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What a year 2020 has been for all mankind – I feel I’ve aged 20 years. I’ve seen so many people come together (many of them virtually) to help those affected by joblessness, sickness and mental anguish/suffering. My newsfeed was flooded with all sorts of 5G Coronavirus conspiracy theories during lockdown – actually causing an uplift of traffic to the site.  Fortunately for everyone, there was no truth in COVID19 being caused by 5G and we have no intention of ever stocking any Anti-Covid-5G-Bat covers. However, we DO stock covers that do protect you against the harmful effects of radiation and we’ve got a special deal on them presently – check them out here (link). Use the code further below to get a holiday discount.


5G Covid Health & Radiation


One of the big recurring themes I saw in all the content I digested was that Wuhan had been testing 5G and that’s what caused the virus to spread. The truth is that Wuhan had already rolled 5G in a number of areas. There were also many videos of birds and bats falling out of the sky. Lots were old rehashed videos being reshared with new captions. Also saw lots of theories along the same vein as HAARP – if you remember that little nugget from years ago. There was plenty of fear and plenty of humour tucked away in with it.


The most exciting thing I did come across was a press release from the British Society for Ecological Medicine recently talking about the mounting ‘clear evidence’ about the dangers of increased exposure to wireless (non-ionising) radiation. The peer-reviewed scientific study contains evidence showing proof of ‘increased cancer risk, cellular stress, increase of harmful free radicals, genetic gamage, structural and functional changes of the reproductive system, learning and memory deficits, neurological disorders and general negative impacts on well being in humans’.


Two of the biggest and most respected studies in these fields in the world – the National Toxicology Program (in the USA) and Ramazzini Institute (in Italy) have found ‘clear evidence’ from their animal studies. There is definitely momentum moving in the right direction.


I wanted to share a statement from Anthony B Miller (MD. Professor Emeritus, Dalla Lana School of Public Health, University of Toronto (UofT). He goes on to say:


“This is an important statement that should be read by all concerned with public health. Those responsible for exposing children to non-ionising radiation, especially in schools, should take immediate action to reduce exposure to non-ionising radiation of the children entrusted to their charge. There is sufficient evidence to now classify radiofrequency radiation as a human carcinogen. Action must be taken now to reduce human exposure to non-ionising radiation to as low as can be achievable, including a moratorium on the introduction of 5G”


It’s great to see that the periods of disinformation during 2020 – that made a mockery of the dangers of radiation in general (..due to its supposed links to Covid) seem to be on the decline (thanks to social media fact checking) and we’re left with solid proof of the dangers of prolonged exposure to radiation.


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