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It’s invisible. You can’t see it, touch, taste or feel it, but more than likely you’re surrounded by it right now because you’re being exposed 24/7. We’re talking about the wireless radiation from mobile phone towers (microwave radiation to be precise).


Wherever you receive signal on your mobile phone, there’s a mobile phone antenna (phone tower or base station) somewhere nearby flooding you with microwave radiation. These microwaves might travel for as few as 3 km in hilly areas, and up to 70 km where there are fewer obstructions, and of course, they easily penetrate brick and metal.


Does this radio-frequency radiation affect us? The Australian government and telecommunications industry take the view that radiation from telecommunications networks is not a health risk. The weight of their opinion and the evidence of a large number of studies is that there is no evidence of health risk posed. Often however this research is conducted and / or funded by the telecommunications industry itself.


Today there are hundreds of reliable studies that have found evidence of harm. Radio-frequency radiation from various sources has been found to have an association with leukemia, heart problems, cancer, brain tumours, reproductive problems & effects on the nervous system, learning and performance, sleep, immunity, hormones and genes. These effects have been found at levels sometimes many hundreds of times lower than levels approved by international guidelines and standards.


Is this a concern? If there is a cause and effect association i.e. that phone tower radiation causes the above symptoms, this is very concerning! You may work, play, sleep and enjoy good health and quality of life but the next day an antenna is installed nearby and faces your home, school or workplace. Suddenly, you find you can’t sleep properly anymore, concentration is difficult and you are constantly fatigued. Longer term you develop a serious illness like cancer or leukemia. This is exactly the kind of scenario that people are reporting, and the studies below confirm it.


Some very interesting evidence comes from Dr Roger Santini in France who surveyed people living near mobile phone antennas and found an increased rate of unpleasant symptoms within 300m of antennas as follows:


Proximity to phone tower antenna

Less than 10m

Within 100m



Increased rate of symptoms observed by local residents.

Nausea, loss of appetite, visual disruptions and difficulty in moving.

Irritability, depression, concentration problems, memory loss, dizziness and reduced libido.

Headaches, sleep problems, “feelings of discomfort” and skin problems.

High rate of fatigue


An alarming study from Belo Horizonte Brazil looked at the addresses of 7,141 people that had died from cancers of the prostate, breasts, lungs, kidneys and liver. These were cross checked against cell tower locations within the city. It found that those who lived within 500 metres of a phone tower had a higher mortality rate than the average mortality rate of the entire city.


In Netanya, Israel, in 2004, a study by Wolf and Wolf, 2004 found an increase of 4.15 times in the cancer incidence of residents living within 350 m of a base station.


In Naila,Germany, the risk of new cancer cases was three times greater among the patients who had lived at a distance less than 400 m from a cellular telephone transmitter antenna during the last ten years (1994 and 2004) (Eger et al., 2004).


If you live close to a mobile phone tower, and are experiencing these or other similar symptoms, please contact EMR Australia to help measure your exposure and for advice about how to respond to any situation you’re faced with.


It is not only towers that are the problem. Did you know that your highest levels of radiation exposure come from mobile phones and other devices from within your home or workplace that communicate wirelessly by emitting microwave radiation eg Bluetooth, wi-fi, smart home devices, baby monitors etc? For proven anti-radiation accessories that effectively shield and protect you from the radiation emitted by these devices, please visit our store to view our range.

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