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Pregnancy and Radiation; ADHD, Autism, Miscarriage, Athsma, Obesity

Pregnancy & ADHD


Pregnancy and Wireless Radiation; What You Need To Know

Three science and medical professionals explain how the brain of a developing baby may be affected during pregnancy by exposure to wireless radiation emitted from cell phones and other wireless devices. This video is part of the BabySafe Project, online at



Dr. Devra Davis on Mobile Phone Radiation and Pregnancy

Research from Yale University on mobile phone radiation showed impacts on the developing pregnancy. Prenatal exposure to cell phones has also been shown to reduce brain cells in the thinking part of the brain. In this video Dr Devra Davis outlines research by Dr. Hugh Taylor published in the Journal Scientific Reports and Dr. Suleyman Kaplan. Dr. Davis also puts forward simple steps that pregnant women can take so they can decrease their risk.



Can Electromagnetic Radiation Increase the Risk of Miscarriage? reports there are many potential reasons for miscarriage including “Environmental exposures to certain drugs or prescribed medications, smoking, excessive alcohol, radiation, certain chemicals and pesticides.” Studies also indicate an increased incidence of miscarriage correlating with electromagnetic radiation exposure.


A study out of San Francisco asked over 900 women less than 10 weeks into a pregnancy to wear a monitor for 24 hours to measure exposure to electromagnetic radiation. When researchers compared exposure to pregnancy outcome, they found that those who were exposed to higher levels of electromagnetic radiation had an 80 percent increase in the risk of miscarriage. The risk was even higher among women with a history of recurrent pregnancy loss and/or infertility. The peak exposure level cut off point that was observed to be significant was 16mG. 8-month-fetus-model-with-plMobile phones electromagnetic field levels are greater than 20mG when held at a distance of 7.5 – 10cm from the body.


A similar study conducted in 2017 by Kaiser Permanente found that women in the highest categories of magnetic field non-ionizing radiation exposure had nearly three times higher relative risk of miscarriage i.e. 24% chance vs 10% chance of miscarriage.


In dual studies of radiation from high-voltage power lines exposure of only 16 mG was (again) associated with a doubling of the spontaneous abortion rate, especially in the first 3 months of a pregnancy.


Even prior to pregnancy researchers have documented changes in the ovary and uterus after exposure to EMFs for over 50 days.


How could electromagnetic radiation affect a pregnancy? Every cell in every living organism is surrounded by an electromagnetic field, and various parts of the body (e.g. organ systems, the brain) have their own electromagnetic field. The theory is that these fields play an important role in the incredibly rapid cell division and differentiation going on in a foetus, and that the relatively weak electromagnetic fields found in living organisms can be disrupted by exposure to stronger fields.


Wireless Radiation And Autism

Wireless radiation and chemical toxins are now being studied to determine if they play a role in rising autism rates. The concept that autism is a permanent genetic condition came into question after a study of identical twins at Stanford in 2011. The researchers concluded that genetics alone could only account for less than half of the condition.

Harvard’s Dr. Martha Herbert has been presenting a new model of autism as a state of overload that comes from many factors affecting the entire body and not just the brain (“total load” theory). In 2013, Dr. Herbert and wireless expert Cindy Sage published a paper that outlined a wide range of autism symptoms that match known symptoms of wireless exposure, including genetic damage to sperm, calcium channel mutations, and inflammation. It is important for parents to understand that the wireless signals our electronic devices use are microwave radiation and these signals are known to disrupt calcium. Learn more here.


Asthma, Childhood Obesity and Neonatal Health

The following studies show some associations between electromagnetic radiation exposure during pregnancy and asthma and childhood obesity. More studies are needed.


We Recommend A Precautionary Approach

Many of the potential risks from wireless radiation are still not fully understood and more study is needed. A precautionary approach calls for a limit on exposure to protect pre-born children until conclusive evidence comes to light that indicates that no harm will result.


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