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Phone radiation protection solutions available from Mobile Safety

When looking for anti-radiation products there are snake oils to avoid, as well as awkward and ridiculously impractical items that are difficult to use. We take pride in our carefully selected products that bring you the best of both worlds: accessories that look great, work great and last forever but also most importantly that provide proven protection from excess radiation exposure. We’ve tested a bunch of alternatives but you’ll find the best solutions gathered together right here!


There are four main ways anti-radiation products work:


  • Distance – creating a separation between you and the source of radiation.


  • Signal Shielding – placing a penetration resistant barrier between you and the radiation source.


  • Signal Manipulation – positioning guiding metallic elements around signal sources so that the waves output are bent, channelled, reshaped and sent in new directions.


  • Harmonisation – washing away negative microwaves with more powerful positive waves.


Introducing our Range:

Airtube containing air

Airtube – no transmitting wires

Airtube headsets

Did you know that ordinary headsets or headphones may increase your radiation exposure? Many phone manufacturers design their phones so that the plug-in headphone wires also operate as an antenna wire. To increase reception the headset wire itself radiates signal and inadvertently passes radiation right up into the ear canal and close to the brain. In these situations the users exposure is increased by up to 300%! Airtube headsets utilise patented technology which provides sound via an airtube (stethoscope technology). Mobile Safety’s airtube headsets offer complete protection from electromagnetic radiation exposure to the inner ear & brain.


Plug in handsets

Plug in handsets plug straight into your mobile phone. The sound is great, they look good and are comfortable to use. Use your phone features while talking on the handset. Plug into a computer and use your handset for crystal clear VOIP or Skype calls! Our handsets are tested and proved to reduce 99% of microwave radiation absorption by the head.


Radiation shields, shielded pouches & cases

Mobile phone manufacturer’s instructions include safe usage advice that requires users to keep the phone a minimum distance away from the body at all times.


Mobile Safety pouches and cases have a backing shield that protects the body from direct contact with, and absorption of, mobile phone radiation. Some can also be used to completely protect magnetic credit cards from theft and cloak phones & tablets from location tracking.


Studies show categorically that men who keep a cell phone in their pocket for more than 4 hours per day have about a 50% lower sperm count. Evaluation of sperm damage has revealed remaining sperm produced is also sicklier and less likely to be fertile.


Breast surgeons are encountering women with strange and highly unlikely cases of breast cancer where one or multiple tumours have formed in the same place and shape of the mobile phone that was tucked into the patients bra for many years.


Anti-Radiation Phone & Tablet Cases and Covers

Anti-radiation phone cases & covers are super easy to use. Do your homework and buy the right one so that afterwards you can place them on your phone and forever forget they there working away cutting down your radiation exposure!


Phone radiation protection cases that work fall broadly into these two categories:


Signal manipulating technologies:

Anti-radiation cases are supplied with embedded with a high tech super thin antenna system that redirects signal away from the user. Very high radiation reduction levels can be achieved (between 60 – 99%). Because less radiation is being absorbed by the body, the phone utilises signal much more effectively. In many cases this translates to improved reception as well as a smaller drain on the battery. That’s right, extended battery life!


Signal shielding technologies:

In a similar way to our shielded pouches and tablet cases, the body is protected by a layer of wave-absorbing shielding material which is sandwiched between the user and the phone, for example by anti-radiation material within a flip cover. Radiation exposure reduction is approximately 80 – 99% with cell phones continuing to operate at next to normal capacity. A shielded case is usually well designed, fits your device perfectly and provides good protection considering simplicity of design and ease of use.

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