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Our mobile / cell phone products use proven technologies that both minimise radiation and maintain signal strength. As each product is different please see the description for the specific product you’re enquiring about. If your product question is more general please read our product FAQs below. If we don’t answer your question adequately please contact us. We’re keen to help.


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Yes! We import our stock in bulk quantities and stock both retailers and wholesalers. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


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It usually takes 1-4 days depending on whether priority postage is required or not.


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Yes. All our products are sold with a one year warranty.


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Under some conditions. Please refer our returns page.


How do you handle my credit card information or payment details?

We don’t! Online purchases through our website direct you to Paypal to manage the payments. They have one of the most sophisticated online transaction security services in the world. No details are obtained or stored by us. Paypal’s privacy policy is available to read at


Common Product FAQ’s


Will using a headset reduce my radiation exposure?

Caution – Many Headsets May Actually Increase Your Exposure

For some time, the standard recommendation to reduce your radiation exposure was to use a headset. It was thought that since radiation decreases exponentially over the distance between you and the phone, this would solve the problem.
But, newer investigations, show that these headsets may actually intensify your exposure to harmful radiation because the wire itself can act like an antenna and transmit dangerous radiation to your head. In fact, testing has indicated that your cell phone headset may actually raise the amount of radiation emitted by more than 300 percent!

The British Independent Group on Mobile Phones suggested that headsets are an ideal solution only if they were used with filters to stop the headset wire from acting as an effective antenna. One solution is an air tube headset. These conduct sound, but prevent any cell phone radiation from traveling up the wire to your brain.


What about wireless or Bluetooth headsets?

Wireless headsets operate via transmitter and receiver operating with low power at frequency levels between 900 MHz and 2.4 GHz. Microwave ovens operate at 2.4 GHz. The frequencies for wireless products compliant with Bluetooth and 3G specifications are 2.497 GHz and 2.17 GHz respectively.
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