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Phone Radiation Case Studies

Phone Radiation Case Studies

We’ve been keeping a track of phone radiation case studies around the world – here are some of them …

Donna Jayes – Strange Breast Cancer

Donna Jayes was diagnosed with breast cancer at the young age of 39. Her Doctors found there were no genetic predispositions or other risk factors and were puzzled; especially as Donna is Asian, and breast cancer is typically less common in women of Asian heritage. Also breast cancer generally happens in women in their 50s and 60s.

After studying her case more thoroughly, two cancer specialists, Robert Nagourney and John West, learned that for ten years Donna had the habit of tucking her mobile phone into her bra. They concluded that this had been the likely cause of her breast cancer. Drawing dots on her breast to highlight the unusual distribution of the cancer cells lined up perfectly with the shape of her cell phone where she had been keeping it.



Dr David McDonald – EMF sufferer & former CSIRO scientist

From an early age David McDonald had identified that he felt sick around different electrical and radio frequency emitting devices eg electrical header, mobile phones. Symptoms initially included nausea, headaches and feeling unstable. In later life he tracked his symptoms carefully and methodically against RF metered readings and found a clear co-relation.

Commencing at a new workplace in 2005 his employer accommodated his condition with a special working environment (an administrative assistant) to enable him to work away from radiation emitting devices but he was later required to revert to regular working conditions. Over the next 2-3 years his symptoms worsened to include eczema, itchy scalp, left side numbness, tiredness, migraine headache and extreme nausea. Becoming too ill to continue, and unable to renegotiate his job David had to resign . A court found that David had a “disease” and that his employer had failed to uphold his employment conditions.


Stuart Cobb, Brett Bocook, Rich Farver and others – Brain cancer patients



Innocente Marcolini – Italian Supreme Court rules brain tumour caused by mobile phone

The Italian Supreme Court ruled a causal link between his illness and phone use. Innocente, 60, an Italian businessman, fell ill after using a handset at work for up to six hours every day for 12 years. Mr Marcolini’s tumour was discovered in the trigeminal nerve — close to where the phone touched his head. It is non-cancerous but threatened to kill him as it spread to the carotid artery, the major vessel carrying blood to his brain. His face was left paralysed and he takes daily morphine for pain.


Oncologist Professor Angelo Gino Levis gave evidence at the hearing and reported: “The court decision is extremely important. It finally officially recognises the link.“

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