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Who we are and what we do:

Mobile Safety Products

Based in Sydney Australia, Mobile Safety supplies specialist mobile phone accessories that reduce or protect mobile phone users from radiation exposure. We pride in our range of stylish, practical and proven products.


Mobile Safety Education

Mobile Safety provides basic education to corporate, school and other community groups regarding adverse health effects of mobile phone radiation. We make simple precautionary recommendations to help reduce exposure while maximising cell phone functionality. Please contact us to discuss an obligation free presentation for your workplace, community group or school. See our glowing presentation testimonials below.

Our Service Guarantees*

Great Products!

Our products are carefully selected to satisfy standards of safety, quality, style and practicality. Apart from our anti radiation phone case options, we have tablet cases, air tube headsets, mobile phone pouches and other cell phone protection technology. There are no comparable alternatives. Just ask us. We’ve tested them all and the best solutions are right here!


Immediate Shipping!

Orders received by 11:30 am usually ship same day! If your order payment is received and hasn’t left our warehouse within 48 hours we’ll refund you your shipping charge! Express services are also available.


Easy Returns!

Please contact us immediately about any genuine problem. We’ll do everything we can to ensure you get full value from your purchases from us. We’re genuinely happy to help!

*Refer terms and conditions for full details. We respect and protect your personal information.


Products & Service

I am much happier using the airtube headset. I can talk all day on the phone. There is no any heat or dizziness and no concerns about anything worse going on.

– Steve

I didn’t think personal service like that existed anymore. They went to great lengths to answer my questions and problem solve for me.

– Jan


25 out of 25 teachers surveyed felt that both teachers and students in other schools also needed to hear the Mobile Safety message.

An informative presentation of the health risks and suggested ways to minimise these risks.

– Simon (High school teacher)

I recommend this presentation for other schools.

– Michelle (High school teacher)

Please contact us

1300 55 66 23 or email or use the contact form below.

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