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About Phone Radiation

Most people are not aware that mobile phones are two way transmitters that use microwave radiation to operate. During normal use over half of this radiation is absorbed by your head and body.


Studies show increases in temperature and reaction levels within the brain when on a call. The official measurement for the rate of absorbtion is called “S.A.R.” or the “Specific Absorption Rate” and your phones S.A.R. rating helps governments ensure that heating side effects are limited.


Today, in as much the same way that we are exposed to daylight, modern cities are also flooded with man-made radio freqency radiation. Mobile phone, antenna towers, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices are all sources of electromagnetic radiation, although personal devices that are right next to us expose us to the highest levels.

 How Does Phone Radiation Impact My Health?

  • Brain Cancer: Half an hour per day on the phone over a long period of time has been linked to a doubling in brain tumour rates for adults.[1]
  • The mind: Affects on cognition, memory and learning, behavior, reaction time, attention and concentration, and altered brainwave activity (altered EEG).
  • Men and their sperm: Research shows that sperm exposed to cell phone radiation die off more easily, swim weakly and are inherently damaged (their DNA).
  • Pregnant women: In uterus exposure to electromagnetic fields is correlated with miscarriage, ADHD, asthma and possibly Autism Spectrum Disorders.
  • Kids & teens: Brain cancer takes more lives of people under the age of 20 than any other cancer. Research shows that children and teens using mobile phones for half an hour per day were found to have up to a fivefold (500%) increased occurrence of brain tumours.
  • There are reports of unusual breast cancers in men and women who store mobile phones in shirt pockets or bras.

[1] Interphone Study Appendix B

 What’s The Evidence?

The United Nations World Health Organisation’s 31 expert scientists from 14 countries assessed the risk from electromagnetic radiation (as used by mobile phones, towers, wi-fi and other radio frequency transmitters). After examining all the evidence they classified phone radiation as a class 2B[2] possible cancer causing substance (the same category as DDT and lead). This was primarily as a result of high rates of brain cancers found among average use[3] long term mobile phone users. It advises that it is important for mobile phone users to minimise exposure by utilising handsfree devices or texting.


In order to wake up governments to the need to adopt new exposure level safety standards the Bioinitiative group catalogues reputable studies that highlight the effects of wireless (RF) and radiation on health and the human body. To date approximately 2,000 studies have been catalogued!!


Always use speakerphone or proven Mobile Safety anti-radiation accessories. Please also refer our safety recommendations page.


[2] Class 2B meaning a possible cancer causing agent like DDT or lead.

[3] Half an hour per day for ten years


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