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Warranty & Returns

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Exchanges & Refunds

We are happy to exchange any wrongly ordered products. Please email us with details of your original order (eg order number, full name or email address) and the exchange that you would like to make. If we don’t have a suitable substitute product in stock we may offer you an equivalent amount of credit from our store. We don’t offer refunds unless one of our products has a fault and cannot be replaced or repaired by us.


Warranty Claims:

We warranty all our products for 12 months against defects in materials or workmanship. If you discover a defect that has occurred under normal care and use of the product we may repair or replace it for you without charge. To make a warranty claim please email us and include the following details:


  • > Your order number, full name or email address so we can find your original purchase in our system
  • > A description and photo (if possible) of the problem with the product
  • > Your current shipping address


We will evaluate the claim quickly and may ask you to return the item to us for repair or further investigation.


Our customer support email address is listed at the top of this page. Please email us now and include the details requested above so that we can help you.

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