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Airtube Headsets

Will Using a Headset Reduce my Radiation Exposure?

If you notice people ambling along the street and talking to themselves, the chances are that they are talking on the phone but using a hands-free mobile phone kit. These headsets sound like a great idea as they keep the phone, and you might think the radiation, away from your head. But if you use one for protection you will be alarmed by the findings below.


Caution – Many Headsets May Increase Your Exposure!

User head radiation with airtube vs wired headset

Wired Headset Concern

It was thought for some time, that the best recommendation to help reduce your radiation exposure to mobile phone radiation was to use a headset. It was thought that since radiation decreases exponentially over the distance between you and the phone, this would solve the problem.


Research published by the UK Consumers Association showed that these headsets may actually intensify your exposure to harmful radiation! Results showed that the cables of some hands-free headsets acted like aerials, channeling dangerous radiation to your head. In fact, testing has indicated that your cell phone headset may actually raise the amount of radiation emitted by more than 300 percent!


To measure radiation levels, they used a laboratory with an international reputation for mobile phone tests and tested a number of regular wired headsets.


UK Consumer Association Conclusions

Many people have devices to keep radiation away from their head – hands-free kits. Some of these are sold by retailers or packaged with mobile phones. Others are available by mail order or the internet. But the ones we’ve tested have one thing in common – they don’t work.


Other hands-free kits could have similar effects. These results took us by surprise… looking at several other kits, our experts thought they would also conduct the radiation. You can make a hands-free kit that doesn’t act as an aerial – but this would need to be taken into account when designing the phone.


Air Tube Headset Solutions

The British Independent Group on Mobile Phones suggested that headsets are an ideal solution only if they were used with filters to stop the headset wire from acting as an effective antenna. One solution is an air tube headset. These conduct sound, but prevent any radiation from traveling up the wire to your brain. For our unparalleled range of airtube headsets please see below.


Aircom Audio A3b Airtube Headset - Wireless

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A3b Airtube Airflow Wireless Headset by Aircom

Airflow is a patented sound delivery technology that provides more air space so sound can breathe and develop more creating a soundstage like you are sitting front row at a concert. Experience Airflow audio technology wirelessly with Aircom A3b.

Aircom believes sound should be experienced and not just heard. It is the difference between hearing your favorite song in the car of physically being at the festival soaking in the sounds and energy of the performer. Using the Aircom A3b will create that sound experience.

Aircom's Airflow audio technology delivers sound through an airtube so it can breathe more and pick up dimension and details that many traditional wired headphones miss or tune out. The result is a feeling that you are at a live performance.

The figure below shows the components of the Airflow audio technology. #1 represents the earbuds, which are empty inside because the speakers are not there. The speakers are about 6 inch away inside the speaker chamber. These empty earbuds add to the total air space of the headphone and more air means better sound development. #2 shows the airtubes connecting the earbuds to the speaker chamber and this is where the bulk of additional air space is achieved. No other in-ear headphones can match this amount of air space. #3 are the speaker chambers and this is where the speakers are housed, the Bluetooth chipset, and the battery.

There is an audio "sweet spot" that resides in every recording studio. This sonic sweet spot is the proper distance/space between the speakers and your eardrums, within the acoustic environment. The distance must be enough to allow the sound waves to fully develop before hitting your eardrums. It is for this same reason that we do not place our ears within close proximity to our sound system speakers, even at a low volume.

Besides having the Airflow audio technology for the sound experience, the Aircom A3b is designed to fit your lifestyle whether that is a peaceful isolation on the subway commute to work, a few hours a week in the gym, or just talking to family and friends. The airtubes above the speaker chamber and the cable below it acts like a suspension and creates a weightless feel for the earbuds and it also helps that the earbuds are empty inside, reducing any weight on the ear. Beyond the weightlessness on the ears and the suspension to handle the bumps in life, the A3b has multiple size earrings that provide a secure and comfortable fit for any size ear. With earring design, the earbud stays securely in the ear and then the eartips are used for making that perfect seal for optimal sound.

Whether you are on the way to work, working out, or just relaxing, the A3b was not only designed to fit your lifestyle but it also enhances it through Airflow technology, which delivers a sound experience to everything you hear.

Where is the charging port?
The charging port is at the bottom of the left speaker chamber. Lift cap to access it.

Is the headphone waterproof?
No, but the headphone is coated and is water resistant. However, the earbuds can be submerged in water to be washed and then hang upside down to air dry.

How do I customize the fit of the earbuds?
Using the provided accessories, change out the eartips and earrings to the size that fits most comfortably and securely.

Is there a warranty?
One year limited warranty.

How long will the battery last for one full charge?
The battery will last 4.5 hours at 75% output and 8 hours at 40% output.

How long does it take to get a full charge?
It takes only 2.5 hours to get a full charge.

Which devices are compatible with Aircom A3b?
Aircom A3b is compatible with any Bluetooth enabled device.

What are the color options?
Currently, Aircom A3b is available only in black.

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