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vest Anti Radiation Case for iPhone 7 and iPhone 8

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Vest Anti Radiation iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 Phone Case
The Vest Anti-Radiation case is an unbreakable silicon rubber phone case that provides excellent bump protection for you phone while reducing your radiation exposure on a call by up to 96%!

How does it work?
The Vest Anti Radiation slim case is embedded with high conductivity elements which draw the radiation emitted by the phone toward the back of the phone where it is then transmitted in a direction away from you the user.

  • Reducing radiation exposure by up to 96%
  • FCC certified laboratories tested and proven
  • Protects your phone from the impacts of drops and bumps
  • Lightweight
  • A contemporary design that flatters your phone

Package contains

  • 1 Anti-Radiation Case for iPhone 7 / 8
  • 1 screen protector
  • 1 screen cleaning cloth
  • 1 booklet

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Why Vest Anti-Radiation Products?

Mobile phones emit radio frequency energy, which is the same kind of radiation microwave ovens use to heat frozen dinners. Although the heat emitted by each individual device may be small, it is important to consider the amount of phones in the world. It’s reported that the number of mobile phones has exceeded the world’s population – that’s over an estimated 7 billion mobile phones! That’s a whole lot of radio frequency energy.


Worst of all, exposure to cellular radiation poses the greatest risk to children, as their nervous systems are still developing and exposure to cellular technologies will span a greater amount of time than that of adults.


With this information at our disposal, it’s important to remember that cellular technology is not the enemy, and we don’t have to fling our mobile phones and tablets into the abyss. The answer is simple: protection.


Just as a bike helmet works wonders in protecting a child’s skull, vestTech’s patented anti-radiation technology will dramatically decrease the amount of EMF emissions we are exposed to. The hands-free vestHeadset, an air-tube headset with silicone ear tips and speaker capsule, is free of metal (which cuts down on headset radiation) and distributes sound via a Stereo Acoustics Air Tube (SAAT).


If you prefer a more subtle method of protection, you can opt for the vestCase, a sturdy, multi-tasking mobile phone case constructed from revolutionary plastic that will guard your phone from ware and decrease radiation by 89%. And there’s no reason that fashion and function can’t play together nicely; both the vestTube and vestCase come in an assortment of fun colors that will accentuate your personal style.


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