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Protect your brain from RF (radio-frequency) pollution with this attractive cap. This specific design was made to shield the head from different frequencies. From AM through microwave and even 5G millimeter-wave, as well cellular frequencies. This product is lined with sophisticated polyester / cotton blended with micro-fine pure silver fiber for excellent radiation protection. These unique fabrics give you a comfortable, natural feel, with durability and washability.
Research links RF radiation with behavioral and cellular disturbances. Many people can sense the differences in the levels of "mind noise" from RF radiation. It’s time to give you the peace of mind your brain needs. Without interference with your mental processes from RF radiation.

The main radiation protection component of cap:
100% Silver fiber

Frequency range and shielding effectiveness:
Frequency range: 10MHz-40GHz

Shielding effectiveness: 49.1dB - 71.4dB

  • Adult cap with an electromagnetic shielding function.
  • Protect your head from electromagnetic waves.
  • More than 90% of the electromagnetic wave is blocked.
  • Antimicrobial.
  • Adjustable size.
  • Liner mesh, made of electromagnetic shielding fabric.

Washing Instructions:
- We recommend washing by hand with mild detergent.
- Never use chlorine bleach.
- Avoid dry-cleaning and dryer use.
- Avoid ironing as it may deteriorate quality.

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Aircom Airtube headsets

Only Aircom Audio produces a truely a LIVE LISTENING EXPERIENCE! Sound that you’ll not only hear, but feel in completely different way. For incredible live sounding Aircom headhones, pick your favourite model and purchase now.



Aircom headsets deliver a sound that no other headphone can duplicate. Sure, every headphone brand says great things about their sound, so what really is the big deal about the Aircom Audio range? Sound waves need air to travel through, lots of it. In fact, the more the better! (to an extent). A fundamental problem for every headphone brand is that headphone speakers are located inside earbuds that sit right up against the ear. Therefore there is very limited space between the speaker and your ear drum for sound to properly develop. Sound waves must be compressed and arrive at your eardrum compressed. This results in a sound that is artificial and has lost it’s natural body and feel.

Aircom’s airtube technology is completely different! It provides six times more air space than traditional headphones to achieve a genuine live listening experience. Premium sound performance that is full bodied, alive and realistic in a way that you’ve truly not ever heard in a set of earbuds before! That’s why we patented it! That’s why we know you’ll love it!


Aircom headsets utilise an airtube (rather than cable) to carry sound the last 10cm from earphone cable to your ear. This means that it is impossible for radiation signal to be conducted up wires to your inner ear and brain. With concerns about phone radiation continuing, Aircom headsets may just be healthier for you than 99.9% of the headphones on the market!

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