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Retro Handset by Native Union


Retro Handset by Native Union 00006

Retro Handset by Native Union

An interpretation of the classic 50's Bakelite design telephone that combines a retro style handset with luxurious soft-touch texture. Built with high quality speaker and microphone for crisp sound and clarity, Pop Phone fits all mobile phones, tablets and computers (adapter may be required). Works with iPhone, iPad and Android. Ideal for use with Skype, Google Talk and VoIP computer telephony. Award-winning product by French designer David Turpin.

Improved call comfort

Allows access to phone functions when making calls

Eliminates over 99% of absorbed phone radiation

Turns your tablet computer into a telephone via Skype or VOIP applications

Noise reduction system

Pick up / hang up button^

Supplied with a standard 3.5mm earphones / headset plug

Works with all mobile devices, adaptors available as accessories*

Works with all computers, USB adaptor and splitter cable available as accessories*

Luxurious soft touch paint treatment.

High quality speaker and microphone

^The pick up / hang up button is not supported by all mobile phones makes and models.
*Some phones may need an adapter if your phone does not have the standard 3.5mm headphones plug; check our adaptors listing, your phone user manual or contact us at for more details if unsure.

Available to be used with the following phone models (may require an adaptor): Apple, Audiovox, Blackberry, BlueAnt, Cingular, Danger, Helio, HTC, Huawei Vodafone, I-Mate, iPhone, Kyocera, LG, Motorola, Nokia, O2 XDA, Optus, Orange, Palm, Panasonic, Pantech, Philips, Sagem, Samsung, Sanyo, Sharp, Sidekick, Siemens, Sony Ericsson, Telstra, T-Mobile, Virgin, Vodaphone, ZTE and more.



We are Australia's leading specialist mobile phone radiation accessory provider. All our radiation minimising technologies are tested and proven. Expect service that goes the extra mile including SAME DAY SHIPPING for orders received by 2pm; refer terms & conditions. Thanks for purchasing with us!


Brain cancer is Australia's biggest killer cancer in people under the age of 39. Each year there are 1,200 new cases of agressive brain tumours with only 5% of patients surviving the disease. The United Nations World Health Organisation has stated that mobile phone radiation is possibly cancer causing and advises reducing exposure. Read the U.N. W.H.O. press release excerpt. Donations to brain cancer investigative research can be made via the Cancer Council website.

U.S. phone manufacturer instructions include safe usage advice that requires users to keep the phone a minimum distance away from the body at all times.
iPhone 4 instructions - 15mm (5/8th inch)
Blackberry instructions - 25mm (0.98 inch)


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$44.95 In stock
Brand:Native Union
VOIP & Skype compatible (adaptor may be required) Retro Handset by Native Union Retro Handset by Native Union Retro Handset by Native Union Retro Handset by Native Union Retro Handset by Native Union Retro Handset by Native Union Retro Handset by Native Union Retro Handset by Native Union Retro Handset by Native Union Retro Handset by Native Union Retro Handset by Native Union

About Phone Radiation

From the Director

Steve - CEO Mobile SafetyA number of years ago a dear friend faced a terrifying battle with a brain tumour. Michael was father to five and no stranger to hardship after a medical mistake left his wife permanently disabled years earlier. Despite this there was always love and laughter in their home. Sadly the tumour was both malignant and aggressive. Michael quickly lost strength and health. Despite operations and chemotherapy he lived just two years. Michael worked in telecoms and installed base towers for over two decades. He may have been one of Australia’s earliest and most frequent mobile phone users.


Following this, in 2011 the World Health Organisation alerted the world when it’s expert panel of 31 international experts reviewed the evidence and classified mobile phone radiation as a Class 2B Carcinogen (a possible cancer causing substance). They quoted studies demonstrating a doubling in brain tumour rates among people who used their phone for merely half an hour a day!


After years of conflict in the science, in 2018 the US Government released the results of it’s own 16 year investigation into mobile phones. The National Toxicology Program study found unequivocally that rodents exposed to elevated levels of wireless radiation developed cancers as a result of that exposure. It may take science decades to fully understand these implications for humans so how are we to live in the meantime?

Did you know that when you are on a call over half the radiation transmitted by your mobile phone penetrates into your head or body? The World Health Organisation and many other peak health bodies advise mobile phone users to minimise exposure by utilising hands-free devices or texting (refer W.H.O. press release 208 page 2). It is important to know that laptops, tablets and wi-fi routers also emit electromagnatic radiation.


Our mobile phone radiation protection business exists to provide you with the information and anti-radiation solutions you need. When using your phone or wireless devices in close proximity, always use speaker-phone or a proven anti-radiation accessory. There are more recommendations at our mobile safety tips page.


To all our customers we guarantee:


– Carefully selected products (satisfying standards of safety, quality, style and practicality),


– Immediate shipping (orders received by 2pm usually ship same day) and


– Easy returns; contact us about any genuine problem. We’re genuinely happy to help.


We look forward to assisting you!

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